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OneTouch® Blood Glucose Meters for Diabetes

One of the most essential products people with diabetes use is the glucose meter. Having a quality glucose meter can make all the difference in correctly gauging where your blood sugar levels are and how your diabetes is progressing.

There are many diabetic supply companies and brands that carry quality glucose meters. One of them is Life First, which carries a line of OneTouch® glucose meters. Three of the current glucose meters available for blood sugar testing are:

  • Ultra 2: Fast, gentle, and simple, this glucose meter is all about getting blood sugar results quick and easy.
  • UltraMini: Slim and oblong, the UltraMini is a much more ergonomic model that makes checking blood sugar on the go easier and faster.
  • UltraSmart: For a more comprehensive reading of your blood sugar, the UltraSmart OneTouch® glucose meter stores and organizes your results so that you can track your levels and see how it's progressing over time.

OneTouch® glucose meters can be purchased through several diabetes equipment retail sites, including Liberty Medical. Featuring the OneTouch® Ultra 2 and UltraMini monitors, Liberty Medical also offers other brands of glucose meters to round out its product featuring.

Other OneTouch® Products for Diabetes

In addition to offering glucose meters, OneTouch® also carries products that accompany meters in providing blood sugar tests. This includes test strips, control solutions, lancing devices, lancets, software, and logbooks.

The OneTouch® Ultra Blue test strips are unique, in that they measure every blood sample twice, not just once. This helps ensure that the results are reading accurately for the most precise results. You can also accompany it with the OneTouch® Ultra Control Solution, which verifies the test strips to see if they are in working order.

Lancet devices are crucial in obtaining blood samples for glucose tests. The OneTouch® UltraSoft Adjustable Blood Sampler comes with seven different settings, so that you can get a blood sample in a way that feels comfortable to you. For sensitive fingers, the Advanced Glide Control System of the OneTouch® Delica Lancing System offers the thinnest needle size, less motion, and better precision.

Ultimately, OneTouch® tries to provide the best overall experience of managing diabetes by providing the best quality products it can. Additional equipment, such as the software kit and logbook, can help you better manage and organize your diabetes for long-term monitoring.