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Neem Leaf May Reduce Your Insulin Dependence

Originating in India, the neem tree has been used for centuries to treat various diseases and conditions. Although the nutrients located in its bark and seed oil are valuable, the most beneficial part of the tree comes from its leaves. The neem leaf possesses cancer-fighting compounds rich in powerful antioxidants and is used as an herbal supplement to treat urinary tract infections and promote oral health. Like many other natural supplements, the neem leaf may also possess anti-diabetic properties.

Neem leaf extracts reportedly reduce the need for insulin by 60 to 70%; however, more conservative studies suggest between 20 and 50%. Neem for diabetes may help control high blood glucose levels by stimulating insulin production in the Beta cells. This is beneficial for people with an insulin deficiency because it helps the pancreas distribute sugar throughout the body to provide energy.

For people with diabetes, poor circulation is a common problem. Fortunately, the neem leaf can improve poor circulation by making it easier for blood to travel through your system. When your blood sugar rises, blood flow slows down, possibly causing artery damage. Severe artery damage may lead to amputation. This link between blood sugar levels and blood circulation explains why people with diabetes account for over half of new amputees every year. In addition to decreasing your risk for amputation, increased blood circulation can prevent you from experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

Fresh and dried varieties can be purchased at Indian food stores, but you can also shop online for neem leaf capsules and tablets. By researching various websites, you can find the best quality and price. Drinking bitter neem leaf tea is another option because it is relatively easy to make. You can buy neem leaf teabags at health food stores or add neem leaves to boiling water. Researchers recommend drinking two cups per day in order to receive all the benefits associated with the neem leaf.

There have been no possible side effects that have been reported; however, as with any form of diabetes treatment, you should consult a physician before adding neem leaf to your daily routine. In the end, the most effective way to manage diabetes is by living a healthy lifestyle.