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Getting the Most from HDI Glucose Meters

Experts on diabetes all agree that the cornerstone of managing your condition is consistent, accurate blood glucose readings. However, this crucial process is also one that many diabetics dread the most for several reasons, including the pain of constant testing and the bulkiness of the meter itself.

Liberty Uses the HDI Brand of Meters

While there are many brands of glucose meters the HDI Glucose Meters are one of the most popular. Two of the HDI product offerings from the Liberty II line of meters are the TrueTrack Smart System and the Sidekick Testing System, which were both designed with the active diabetic senior in mind.

Liberty, a leading U.S. manufacturer and marketer of blood glucose monitoring systems, ensures that its diabetes glucose meters provide fast, accurate test results.

Get Affordable and Efficient Blood Glucose Monitoring

Liberty believes that blood sugar testing should be fast and easy, and as painless as possible. The Liberty II meters are designed to provide accurate results in as little as 10 seconds. Plus, they break the often-complicated process down into just two steps.

Liberty also understands the concern over the cost of diabetes management. Liberty II meters are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. In particular, the Sidekick features a bottle of test strips with the meter built right into the cap, which may be cheaper than purchasing the meter and test strips separately.

Why Should You Try the Liberty TrueTrack Smart System from HDI?

Liberty designed its TrueTrack Smart System for people with active lifestyles who need to test on a moderate-to-frequent basis. Benefits of this meter include:

  • Less painful testing - The TrueTrack Smart System requires a tiny blood sample (only 1 uL).
  • Easy to use - The TrueTrack Smart System keeps things simple with accurate results in two easy steps.
  • Fast results - Receive your test results in only 10 seconds.
  • Affordable - The TrueTrack Smart System uses special test strips which cost up to 30 percent less than the test strips required by other systems, according to Liberty®. Medicare and most insurance plans cover the cost.

Liberty Introduces the Smallest Testing System Available

Unbelievably small, the Sidekick Testing System is the most compact testing system available. The innovative design integrates the Liberty II meters right into the container of test strips. Because you can easily carry it in your purse, briefcase or backpack, you enjoy convenient testing wherever you go. It's also disposable! Simply discard The Sidekick once you run out of test strips.

With Liberty's Sidekick from HDI, You'll Enjoy:

  • No need to code - Just grab a test strip, apply your sample and place it in the cap-top meter.
  • Less-painful testing - A tiny blood sample of 1 uL is all that is required.
  • Fast results - Receive your test results in less than 10 seconds.
  • Affordable - Fingertips sore? Use your forearm for greater comfort.
  • All-in- one pricing - You'd pay more for a meter and test strips purchased separately than the all-in-one value of the Sidekick Testing System by Liberty®.

If you are a diabetic senior looking for flexibility and affordability in your diabetes care, consider using Liberty brand products to maintain your energetic lifestyle.

Liberty and Medicare Coverage

The good news is that Liberty II meters are covered by Medicare. If you are receiving Medicare Part B benefits, you can be reimbursed for most of your costs of eligible Liberty diabetes care products. This applies whether you use insulin or not.