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Natural Digestive Enzymes and Diabetes

Diabetes and Digestive Enzymes

For many people with diabetes, improved digestion can lead to increased blood sugar control. Type II diabetics should pay special attention to amylase, a digestive enzyme that helps break down starch into sugar. Amylase is often deficient in people with diabetes, and adding a digestive enzymes supplement containing it may improve blood glucose levels.

Causes of Digestive Problems in Diabetics

The pancreas is known for producing insulin, but its other major function is to create natural digestive enzymes. When diabetes results from pancreatic degeneration, the creation of digestive enzymes is often affected as well. As a result, people with diabetes are especially prone to low enzyme levels.

However, despite its prevalence, pancreatic damage is not the only possible cause of digestive problems for people with diabetes. Standard intestinal damage can interfere with the absorption of nutrients and slow down the digestive process. Production of natural digestive enzymes also naturally slows down with age.

When combined with diabetes, these normal effects of aging can become a one-two punch to the digestive system. Adding a natural digestive enzymes supplement to your diet can help with these and other problems. They'll likely make it easier for your system to break down food, enable improved absorption, and speed up overall digestion.

Other Benefits of Natural Digestive Enzymes

Using a good digestive enzymes supplement has other benefits as well. Some users report a lower incidence of heartburn and acid reflux while using enzymes. Enzymes are also great for using with foods that have a lot of fat or fiber in them, as they can help eliminate constipation thanks to their ability to speed digestion. Additionally, digestive enzymes can help with the absorption of medicine made with cellulose filler. Humans don't naturally produce the enzymes that break down cellulose, but many enzyme supplements include the necessary ingredients.

What to Look for in a Digestive Enzymes Supplement

When choosing a digestive enzymes supplement, look for one that contains the full spectrum of natural digestive enzymes. This will ensure that you have increased comfort and digestive efficiency no matter what you eat. If you have diabetes, check to see if the supplement has amylase along with other enzymes. That way, you'll gain the maximum benefit to your blood sugar levels along with improved digestion.

Do remember to speak to your doctor before beginning a natural digestive enzymes supplement. You'll want to make sure there's no way that supplements could interact negatively with existing medications or cause other issues.