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Diabetic Shining Stars: Diabetes Success Stories

People are diagnosed with diabetes every day. Some react in anger, denial or depression, while others refuse to let diabetes define them. Rather than succumb to uncertainty, discouragement, and stress, these determined patients push forward. Like anything else you set out to overcome, diabetes requires hard work and patience. Here are some shining stars who have worked hard to keep diabetes from taking over their lives.

Diabetes Success Stories

The Bayer Fund, started by the makers of Bayer aspirin, is an international group that promotes successful diabetes management. It spotlights those who have striven to succeed and are giving back to the community around them. Two of its recent winners are from Hong Kong: Samantha Poon and Kammie Yu.

Samantha Poon

A diabetic since 2005, Poon decided to follow her doctor's advice and began practicing yoga. With the help of yoga, Poon was able to manage her diabetes. She later became a professional yoga instructor, teaching others how yoga can enrich one's life.

Kammie Yu

At age 16, while doing a routine chemistry lesson on blood glucose, Yu discovered she had Type 1 diabetes. She has lived with diabetes for more than 20 years. For her, the best way to control diabetes is with careful meal planning and exercise. Yu, an advocate for diabetes education, wanted to start a camp devoted to diabetes management, making it the first of its kind in Hong Kong. The camp would consist of her teaching other diabetics how to make delicious meals using nutritious foods and helpful cooking methods. She began studying nutrition with a focus on diabetic care and also completed various professional qualifications. In 2008, with the help of the Bayer Foundation, Yu opened a patient center, offering public education on diabetes nutrition.

Team Type 1 and Team Type 2

The 16 American diabetic cyclists of Team Type 1 and Type 2 are promoting diabetes awareness by competing in the 28th annual Race Across America. Team members are not only pushing their abilities physically, but maintaining proper diabetic care. As stated by Team Type 2 member Bob Averitt, "We are just ordinary guys trying to do something extraordinary by completing this race." Creating public awareness can help educate those living with the disease as well as those at risk.

These are only a few diabetes success stories; however, more diabetics are overcoming the disease by making healthier choices. By following your physician's instructions regarding medication, diet, and exercise, you can be another success story.