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Practice Healthy Living

Advice and recipes on dieting and exercise with diabetes

Start a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise tips that keep your diabetes in check. For those at risk, take control of your health before diabetes has a chance.


Natural Control

Acai Berry and Diabetes: Does it Work?

People with diabetes know that maintaining a careful, balanced diet is a critical part of living with their condition. Dietary supplements can sometime help when it comes to getting the extra vitamins and minerals that aren't as readily available in foods commonly consumed by people with diabetes. It can also assist other bodily functions that...

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Agave Syrup: Diabetic Friendly, or Simply Sweet?

What is Agave Syrup?

If you've been to the grocery store lately, you've probably noticed something called "agave syrup" stocking the shelves alongside molasses and other sweeteners. This tropical treat may seem exotic, but it has long been used in Mexico and other parts of Latin America as part of a traditional diet. Its...

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Borage Oil Can Fight Diabetic Neuropathy

Borage oil has been used as a skin remedy for centuries; however, clinical studies have shown it can be a vital resource for people living with diabetes. Borage oil is most widely used to improve skin tissue by preventing dry, damaged skin and eczema, but in people with diabetes, borage oil can lower your risk...

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About Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is known by many names, including Guinea spice, bird pepper, or simply red pepper. It is used primarily as a spice for food dishes, although some cultures may also use it for medicinal purposes. The name comes from the city of Cayenne in French Guinea and is thus used heavily in the local...

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Coconut Oil Raises Energy and Boosts Metabolism

It is common knowledge for people living with diabetes to avoid saturated fats; however, coconut oil can be an exception. Although coconut oil is somewhat high in saturated fat, it is a lucrative resource for insulin control and other numerous health benefits.

Unlike other foods packed with saturated fat,...

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Cranberry and Blueberry Juice Helps Insulin Sensitivity

Cranberry and blueberry juice are known for their tart flavors, but they also possess unique health benefits. Berry juices are most commonly credited for preventing urinary tract infections in women, but for people living with diabetes, drinking cranberry and blueberry juice can also help stabilize blood sugar levels.


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Dill Seed Offers a Plethora of Health Benefits

Having diabetes means being more conscious about the foods you eat. With natural foods garnering more attention, it is important for people living with diabetes to stay informed about the benefits of these foods. People with diabetes understand the importance of reducing their intake of carbohydrates and saturated fats; however, they might be unaware that...

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Exotic Herbs and Diabetes

When people with diabetes receive their diagnosis, it's not unusual for them to look at exotic herbs to help manage their illness. Unfortunately, there aren't any herbs on the market that have yet been scientifically proven to have a sustained, positive impact on insulin or blood sugar levels. A few have experienced some encouraging clinical...

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Can Moringa Leaf Cure Your Diabetes?

In Asia and Africa, the Moringa leaf is hailed as a cure-all. Although it is most commonly used to treat malnutrition in developing countries, some doctors allege that the Moringa leaf can help over 300 diseases, including diabetes. Despite these claims, people in the Western Hemisphere know little about this natural supplement's possible benefits. ...

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L-Glutamine Promotes Lean Muscle and Stable Blood Sugar

L-glutamine is a powerful amino acid. Not only does it build proteins, but it helps boost metabolism. Unlike essential amino acids found in milk, wheat, eggs, and meat, this nonessential amino acid is produced naturally by the body. Glutamine has gained recognition from athletes for its ability to build lean muscle; however, scientific studies are...

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Natural Digestive Enzymes and Diabetes

Diabetes and Digestive Enzymes

For many people with diabetes, improved digestion can lead to increased blood sugar control. Type II diabetics should pay special attention to amylase, a digestive enzyme that helps break down starch into sugar. Amylase is often deficient in people with diabetes, and adding a digestive...

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About Autoimmune Disorders

Whenever the body gets sick or experiences pain, it relies on the immune system to defend it against bacteria and disease. For people who have immune disorders, however, the immune system often responds in the wrong way. It can, for example, attack the healthy parts of the body in a mistaken attempt to treat conditions...

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Studies Show Milk May Reduce Diabetes Risk

For some people, milk is their go-to beverage for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What they may not know is that their love of milk may also decrease their risk for diabetes.

According to a 2005 study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard's School of Public Health, drinking 2-3...

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Neem Leaf May Reduce Your Insulin Dependence

Originating in India, the neem tree has been used for centuries to treat various diseases and conditions. Although the nutrients located in its bark and seed oil are valuable, the most beneficial part of the tree comes from its leaves. The neem leaf possesses cancer-fighting compounds rich in powerful antioxidants and is used as an...

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Nopal Pear Prickly May Slow Glucose Absorption

The nopal prickly pear is a common ingredient in many Mexican dishes. If you're a fan of Mexican cuisine, you may be interested to know that indulging in the tart, green plant with sharp spines and colorful flower buds can lower your blood glucose levels. Also, since people with diabetes are more susceptible to heart-related...

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Planned Food Systems Can Help Manage Diabetes

The link between weight and diabetes has been apparent over the past decade. Not only does being overweight increase the risk of developing the disease, but excess weight can also cause serious complications for those who have already been diagnosed. Weight loss can be difficult for anyone, but people with diabetes face added challenges when...

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Psyllium Husk Helps with Blood Glucose and Intestinal Issues

Native to India, the psyllium husk comes from a blonde plant known as Plantago ovata. It is primarily used as laxative; however, it can also reduce blood glucose levels in people with diabetes.

The herb possesses between 10-30% of soluble fiber known as mucilage. Mucilage is a sticky substance...

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Refined Flour Causes a Dangerously High Glucose Levels

Maintaining a healthy diet is important for people with diabetes because what you eat directly affects your blood sugar levels. Foods like lean meats, vegetables, and fruits are recommended because they don't possess as many sugars and starches; however, some foods high in carbohydrates, like whole wheat bread, steel-cut oats, and whole grain cereal, are...

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Shea Butter Replenishes Dry Skin

Originating in Africa, nuts from the Shea tree produce a fat known as Shea butter. Shea butter is commonly used in African chocolate; however, you may be more familiar with its cosmetic purposes. Products containing Shea butter are generally used to treat dry skin conditions. Shea butter, for diabetics, can help combat dry skin caused...

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Sugar Alcohol: The Better Choice

Sugar alcohol is a carbohydrate found in vegetables, fruits, and processed foods. It is a popular ingredient in chewing gum and other sugar-free products. You may now be wondering, "Is sugar alcohol bad for you?" Although its name would lead you to think otherwise, sugar alcohol does possess health benefits for diabetics. Sugar alcohol has...

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