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Test Strips

Diabetes 101: Blood Glucose Test Strips

Blood glucose tester strips, or blood sugar test strips, are part of most diabetics' day-to-day medical supplies. They let users read their blood sugars on accompanying meters, allowing them to gauge their glucose levels and take insulin accordingly.

Different blood test strips are compatible with different blood meters, but most act according...

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Importance of Diabetic Test Strips

It's no surprise that a major part of testing for diabetes involves test strips. Diabetic test strips are what absorb blood samples and feed into the glucose meter to reveal where your blood sugar levels are. Depending on the results, you may need to take insulin or receive some form of glucose. If not, you...

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Manage Your Diabetic Treatment Plan by Monitoring Blood Sugar the Right Way.

It is no secret that diabetics have to keep tabs on their blood sugar levels several times a day. Blood sugar readings help you manage your diabetes day-by-day. This do-it-yourself test uses a blood sugar monitor and blood sugar test strip to keep tabs on how well food, medicine and exercise are working to keep...

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