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About AgaMatrix Diabetic Supplies

AgaMatrix is popular manufacturer of diabetic supplies, including blood glucose monitors and test strips. A relatively young company, it is known for a willingness to embrace technology and stay current with digital trends. AgaMatrix is also recognized for WaveSense, a form of blood glucose screening the company claims significantly improves the accuracy of readings. ...

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Bayer Blood Glucose Meters

Bayer manufactures several products for people with diabetes, including lancets, blood glucose test strips, and blood glucose meters. As of 2011, Bayer produces three different meters: Bayer Contour, Bayer Contour USB, and Bayer Breeze 2.

People with diabetes can purchase a Bayer blood glucose meter at stores across the...

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Blood Glucose Meters

Blood Glucose Meters: Why Use Them?

Also known as blood glucose monitors, blood glucose meters are what many diabetics use to measure their blood sugar levels throughout the day. Because a large part of diabetes management is in regulating blood sugar, it's important to have blood glucose meters that...

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Understanding Your Blood Sugar Meter

A blood sugar meter, or blood glucose monitor, is a vital part of a diabetic's everyday medical supplies. It allows people with diabetes to read their blood glucose levels, giving them the information they need to keep their blood sugar as close to normal as possible.

Originally, a blood...

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What Is a Blood Sugar Test?

When you have diabetes, your body isn't able to properly regulate your blood sugar levels on its own. This means that you have to test your blood glucose regularly, so that you can make sure your blood sugar stays within the normal range.

If your blood sugar test indicates that your glucose...

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Selecting the Diabetic Glucose Meter Right for You

For most diabetics, having an accurate and reliable diabetic glucose meter is invaluable. As they are used several times every day to measure blood sugar levels, having the right glucose meter can go a long way in helping you monitor your condition to make sure it stays within the normal range at all times. ...

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Diabetic Medical Supplies: What You Need to Know

When you're diagnosed with diabetes, there are a number of diabetic medical supplies that may be required to keep your health intact. Depending on your form of diabetes, you may need to purchase a glucose monitor, test strips, a lancing device, lancets, control solution, blood and urine test kits, oral medication, and an insulin pump,...

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Duracell Meter Batteries: Providing Quality and Dependability for Glucose Testing Supplies

Did you know that a diabetes meter operating without sufficient power could deliver inaccurate readings? To avoid this potentially dangerous situation, Duracell offers a special line of Duracell Home Medical Batteries to ensure your meter has the power it needs to deliver accurate readings. Unlike old-fashioned glucose meters, today's lightweight, portable meters run on batteries.

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Getting Accurate Results from Your Glucose Meter

A diabetic's blood glucose meter, or blood sugar monitor, is one of their most important tools. A blood glucose meter lets you know how high or low your blood sugar is, giving you the information you need to keep it within the normal range. If your blood sugar monitor fails to give accurate results, you...

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Choosing a Great Glucose Test Meter

If you have diabetes, you'll likely be checking your blood sugar regularly to make sure it's within normal range. Many people with diabetes check their glucose levels before meals, after getting up, and prior to going to bed-a minimum of five times a day. That means you'll be getting plenty of use out of your...

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Getting the Most from HDI Glucose Meters

Experts on diabetes all agree that the cornerstone of managing your condition is consistent, accurate blood glucose readings. However, this crucial process is also one that many diabetics dread the most for several reasons, including the pain of constant testing and the bulkiness of the meter itself.

Liberty Uses...

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OneTouch® Blood Glucose Meters for Diabetes

One of the most essential products people with diabetes use is the glucose meter. Having a quality glucose meter can make all the difference in correctly gauging where your blood sugar levels are and how your diabetes is progressing.

There are many diabetic supply companies and brands that carry...

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The Right Diabetes Glucometer For You

Diabetes glucometers, also known simply as blood glucose meters, are an important tool in monitoring and regulating diabetes. Without it, diabetics would never know how their blood sugar reacts to the foods they eat or whether their lifestyle is improving their condition. Having an easy-to-use, reliable glucometer can help you regulate blood sugar levels so...

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