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70/30 Insulin Provides Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits

70/30 insulin is a special type of diabetes medication that combines short-acting insulin and intermediate-acting insulin. Short-acting insulin, also known as regular insulin, helps stabilize blood glucose levels soon after a meal. Unlike short-acting insulin, intermediate-acting insulin provides assistance throughout the day. The advantage of taking 70/30 insulin is that it works quickly after meals...

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Diabetes and Insulin: Why Insulin is Important

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use a hormone known as insulin. Its purpose is to convert sugar, starches, and other food into sugar. Without insulin, the body's cells are unable to use glucose for energy; this causes your blood glucose level to rise. Since Type 1 and...

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Insulin: What You Need to Know

After a meal, food is broken down into glucose. In order for the body's cells to use or store glucose, insulin is needed. However, for people with diabetes, insulin deficiency is a common problem because they have difficulty producing insulin or properly using it. When this occurs, excess glucose builds up in the bloodstream, causing...

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Diabetes Insulin Pump: The Basics

Without insulin, the body's cells cannot use or store glucose. As a result, glucose builds up in the bloodstream, raising one's blood sugar to an unhealthy level. With the help of modern medical supplies, like a diabetes insulin pump, diabetics are able to lead long, healthy lives.

What's an...

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What is a Diabetic Insulin Pump?

Diabetic insulin pumps are a form of insulin treatment that is used to help regulate insulin in the body continuously without taking out time to inject it individually when needed. Although it is not as widely used as normal insulin injections, many people with diabetes have claimed that the benefits of using an insulin pump...

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Insulin Pen: What You Need to Know

Many people who have diabetes require insulin in order to manage their blood sugar levels. Most insulin-dependent diabetics in the United States use a syringe or insulin pump to get the insulin they need. In Europe and Asia, however, the majority of insulin-dependent diabetics inject their insulin using an insulin pen.


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The Benefits of Using an Omnipod Insulin Pump

Insulin is a key component in treating diabetes. With the help of a syringe or pen, diabetics can receive their recommended dosages of insulin. However, some people with diabetes may prefer using an insulin pump because it can simplify your treatment by administering insulin whenever it's needed. In fact, studies suggest that insulin pumps may...

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Tips for Disposing Insulin Syringes

More than one billion diabetic insulin syringes and lancets are used in the United States each year. While this means diabetics have the correct tools available for managing their blood sugar levels, it can also pose dangers if they are disposed improperly.

Insulin syringes and other sharps can accidentally...

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Why Use Insulin Pump Therapy?

Insulin pump therapy is one of the newest treatment techniques in blood glucose control and has the potential to greatly improve the quality of life for diabetics. Insulin pump therapy attempts to more closely imitate the way the pancreas naturally releases insulin, allowing a device to do the work of responding to your body's needs.

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