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Stay Stocked on Supplies

Get test strips, glucose meters, and other equipment for diabetes management

Relevant information on important diabetes equipment. Read about test strips and kits, meters, and insulin – get home delivery for all of them!


Home Delivery

How to Get Home Delivery for Diabetic Equipment

Why Get Home Delivery?

There are many ways home delivery of diabetic equipment makes life easier. For active seniors, there's simply too much to do in life without worrying about stocking up on test strips and lancet devices. If this is something you think you can benefit from, consider...

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Home Delivery of Diabetic Supplies Makes Sense

Diabetes can be overwhelming; however, making sure your home is stocked with the proper testing supplies doesn't have to be. When you have diabetes and need to regularly check your blood sugar, having your medication delivered to your doorstep is ideal. Home delivery provides a valuable service by offering consistency, quality, and convenience.


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