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Relevant information on important diabetes equipment. Read about test strips and kits, meters, and insulin – get home delivery for all of them!



Abbott Diabetes Care Provides Quality Products

One of the reasons people with diabetes say they don't test regularly is because of the discomfort and inconvenience of glucose testing. That's why Abbott Diabetes Care concentrates specifically on developing products that are easy to use, require small blood samples, and provide fast results.

Abbott Diabetes...

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About Accu Chek Diabetic Supplies

Accu Check is a popular line of diabetic supplies produced by Roche Diagnostics, a subsidiary of Hoffmann-La Roche. The company produces three main types of diabetic products: insult pumps, blood glucose meters, and lancing devices. Many of these products are available in different styles, with new editions released periodically.


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About Bayer Diabetes Products

Bayer is a German manufacturer of medicinal items, including several diabetic supplies. Bayer diabetes products include blood monitors, strips, and a computer diabetes management program. The company primarily promotes its products by emphasizing the accuracy of its devices and their No Coding™ technology, which is designed to minimize errors and increase ease of use. ...

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About Becton Dickinson Products

Becton Dickinson, also referred to as BD, is among the world's largest suppliers of diabetic products. The company provides syringes, lancets, pen needles, disposal products, and other diabetes accessories to individuals and medical institutions throughout the world.

Becton Dickinson Syringes

As of 2011,...

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About Borin Halbich Products

Borin Halbich is a relatively small medical supply company located in Spokane, Washington. They specialize in the production of syringes and pill cases, both of which can be useful to people with diabetes. Borin Halbich also manufactures products specifically for nursing homes, the visually impaired, and travellers.

Borin Halbich Syringe Cases ...

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Liberty Medical Supplies for Diabetes

Having a regular supply of test strips, glucose meters, and lancet devices is an important task when living with diabetes. Liberty Medical provides medical supplies for diabetes, sleep apnea, ostomy, urology, and erectile dysfunction that are affordable and convenient.

Liberty Medical has been serving over 1 million services with...

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Guide to LifeScan Diabetes Supplies

Glucose monitoring is an important aspect of a diabetes management plan. With the help of LifeScan's OneTouch technology, diabetics can conveniently test their blood glucose levels. In addition to eliminating wiping and timing procedures, OneTouch products provide accurate readings, making it easier for diabetics to gauge their need for medication, exercise, and food.


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Metrika Testing Supplies through Bayer

Hemoglobin A1C tests, or HbA1c, is an important aspect of diabetes maintenance. Unlike blood sugar tests that are taken a few times every day, HbA1c tests are taken every 2-3 months to measure how well blood sugar control is doing.

In the past, HbA1c tests had to be taken...

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Owen Mumford Lancing Devices

Diabetics understand the importance of needing a blood sample for accurate glucose testing. With the help of lancing devices, people with diabetes can draw blood virtually pain free. In 1952, Ivan Owen and John Mumford established Owen Mumford. The first lancing device, known as the Autolet, was later created by the duo in 1977. This...

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Palco Labs Testing Supplies for Diabetes Treatment

When testing for diabetes, having the right tools can make all the difference. Palco Labs, Inc., an acquired property of AmbiMedInc, manufactures reusable and disposable diabetes products for collecting blood samples as well as for injections.

With Palco Lab lancets, people with diabetes have a product they can rely...

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Sanvita Diabetes Products

Healthcare product distributor Sanvita offers diabetes testing supplies for monitoring and maintaining diabetes. This includes blood glucose monitoring systems, test strips, lancet devices, lancets, and control solutions. Based in the Clearwater, Florida, Sanvita was acquired as a subsidiary of Nova Biomedical Corporation in 2009. Consequently, Sanvita has become the exclusive distributor of NovaMax products in...

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Stat Medical Lancets and Lancing Devices

Some diabetics require a regular supply of medical supplies, including a blood glucose monitor, test strips, control solution, lancing device, and lancets. Without these supplies, diabetics are unable to properly control the chronic disease. It' especially important to have a lancing device on hand because the instrument ensures an accurate glucose test by providing a...

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About SurgiLance® Safety Lancets

Lancets are one of the most common ways people with diabetes draw blood samples for glucose testing. There are many brands of lancets in the market that offer fast and easy blood sample drawings. Among them, the SurgiLance® safety lancet is brand that many diabetics and medical professionals trust to deliver adequate blood samples in...

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