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Relevant information on important diabetes equipment. Read about test strips and kits, meters, and insulin – get home delivery for all of them!

Diabetic Supplies

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5 Diabetic Medical Supplies Every Diabetic Should Have on Hand

If you have had to manage diabetes for any length of time, you may have grown accustomed to carrying around a number of medical supplies wherever you go. Because insulin spikes or dips can hit at any moment, it's best to carry a set of tools that can test blood sugar levels quickly and from...

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How to Maintain Diabetic Testing Supplies

Stay well-stocked and prepared with diabetic testing supplies is important to staying on top of your lifelong condition. There are many tools that go into making sure your blood sugar readings are accurate, including glucose meters, test strips, lancet devices, syringes, and more. See how you can keep your diabetes testing supplies in tip-top condition...

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About the Liberty Website

The website of Liberty Medical (libertymedical.com) is an excellent resource for individuals looking to find more information about diabetes and purchase quality medical products. From medical equipment to medication, the Liberty website features not only shopping opportunities, but a legitimate resource for diabetes and other health information.

The Liberty...

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Looking for Diabetes Products: Online and Elsewhere

Shopping online is one of the best ways to look and find the diabetes products you need, but it's not the only option. Some people may prefer to go shopping to stock up on their supplies. Whether you prefer browsing online or visiting stores in person, there are benefits to both that ultimately get you...

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What to Look for When Purchasing Discount Diabetic Supplies

Although diabetes supplies are not the most expensive among individual-care medical products, they still create an extra expense in monthly budgets. It's natural to look for discount diabetes supplies that can help cut the cost of maintaining diabetes while uncompromising on the accuracy needed in blood glucose test results.


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Types of Diabetic Supplies and Where to Find Them

Glucose Meters and Test Strips

One of the most popular diabetic supplies used to check blood sugar levels are glucose meters. Many diabetic seniors use glucose meters because it allows them to analyze their glucose levels with just a small drop of blood. At the same time, it also means test strips will continually need to be purchased, since...

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