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Worried about Diabetes?

Complications and risks of diabetes

As with any disease, diabetes is prone to risks. Learn more about diabetic feet, heart disease, neuropathy (plus more) and how you can prevent them.


Erectile Dysfunction

Causes and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Most men will encounter difficulties in getting an erection at some point in their lives. While these flukes are embarrassing, they usually don't signal a problem. When it happens more than half the time, however, it counts as a serious problem. Erectile dysfunction itself can also be a symptom of larger, more serious conditions, so...

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Erectile Dysfunction Cures and Remedies

There are as many erectile dysfunction remedies as there are causes of impotence. Some of these remedies are simple, while others are more complicated. The best remedy for you will depend on the causes and severity of your erectile dysfunction.

If You Have Diabetes... ...

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Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Impotence is often thought of as an old man's problem, but erectile dysfunction in young men is surprisingly common. There are many reasons for this, ranging from the simple to the unexpected. Finding possible causes before a doctor's appointment can be a great help in arriving at a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. ...

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Impotence in Men

Impotence can be embarrassing, but fortunately, it is usually quite treatable. This is because the penis works on some basic principles that are fairly easy to understand, so doctors have a solid foundation to get started on treatment.

In basic terms, the penis is a hydraulic system...

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What is Erectile Dysfunction (or ED)?

Also known as ED or male impotence, erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection of the penis. Although most men experience difficulty getting an erection at some point, erectile dysfunction is usually only diagnosed when it becomes an ongoing problem.

An erection occurs when a person becomes...

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