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The Benefits of Using an Omnipod Insulin Pump

Insulin is a key component in treating diabetes. With the help of a syringe or pen, diabetics can receive their recommended dosages of insulin. However, some people with diabetes may prefer using an insulin pump because it can simplify your treatment by administering insulin whenever it's needed. In fact, studies suggest that insulin pumps may be more effective in stabilizing one's blood sugar. The use of insulin pumps has also shown to improve glucose levels over time. Like other insulin pumps, the Omnipod insulin pump is an accurate, easy-to-use device that can help to lower blood glucose levels and prevent diabetes-related complications.

Omnipod Insulin Pump Features

This battery-powered device is especially convenient because it is wireless, meaning you don't have to deal with the hassle of detangling tubes. Since it's tube-free, it's unnecessary to disconnect the Omnipod before getting in the shower, tub, pool, ocean or participating in physical activity. It's also small enough to fit in one's purse or pocket. The Omnipod insulin pump consists of two parts: the pod and the PDM (personal diabetes monitor). This makes it relatively easy to carry your insulin pump wherever you go.

The Omnipod insulin pump works by inserting insulin into your system every few days. It's important to note that the pump is not pre-filled with insulin, so you will need to fill your Omnipod with rapid-acting insulin. Unlike a syringe or pen, an insulin pump administers precise insulin dosages, preventing you from experiencing blood sugar highs or lows. Since the device administers insulin on its own, you no longer have to plan your meals ahead of time.

When starting off, place your Omnipod insulin pump on your abdomen. After your body has adjusted to the pump, you can place the device on your lower back, leg, upper thigh or the back of your upper arm. The pump works well for adults, teenagers, and children.

Ordering an Omnipod Insulin Pump

You can go online to see if your insurance provider offers coverage for the Omnipod insulin pump. The only information you'll need to provide includes insurance owner, state, and the name of your insurance company. The Omnipod website will then be able determine whether or not your insurance company can provide assistance. If you qualify, you can order a pump either online or through your healthcare company. If you experience difficulty using your pump, Omnipod offers 24-hour customer service support.

Multiple insulin injections on a daily basis can become quite time-consuming. For this reason, if you're using a syringe or pen, talk to your doctor before switching over to an insulin pump. He or she can provide you with additional information about the benefits of using a pump. You doctor can also determine how much insulin you will need as well as what's the right insulin pump for you.