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Medicare: Did You Know?

The advantage of Medicare drug prescription is that the cost of your glucose home test kits and insulin are covered. For starters, diabetics will want to review the Medicare prescription drug plan, Medicare advantage plan and the various other Medicare health plans that have drug coverage. The Medicare.gov site allows you to compare various plans.

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Diabetic Recipe of the Week

One of the easiest ways to manage your health is to improve your eating habits. Our recipe of the week gives you ideas for meals that are both nutritious and delicious.If you’re a diabetic, breakfast is a critical element to feeling good throughout the day. Read our Diabetic Breakfast of Champions article for great breakfast recipes, tips, and advice on eating healthy.

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Meter Reviews

OneTouch® Ultra® 2 Meter

Testing your blood sugar with an accurate meter is essential to diabetes management. Read our OneTouch Ultra meter review!

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Liberty® II

A glucose meter that is affordable, accurate, and comfortable to use is fundamental for monitoring your blood sugar.

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